September 22, 2023

The Allure of Bilingualism: An Evening at The Art of Code-Switching


"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."

Non è mai tardi per diventare bilingue!

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As the sun set, the city’s art enthusiasts, including myself, gathered at an avant-garde gallery. The invitation read, “The Art of Code-Switching.” Intrigued and a tad unsure of what awaited, I stepped into the dimly lit space. Canvases adorned the walls, each capturing the essence of duality, of two worlds colliding and merging.

Sipping a sparkling drink, my eyes wandered from one artwork to another. Each painting seemed to tell its own story of a person caught between two worlds, two cultures, two identities. It was, as if, the artists themselves had gone through the jumble of switching codes in their minds and poured it out onto their canvases.

In the middle of admiring an abstract piece, a group of strangers struck up a conversation with me. We began discussing our own experiences with “Code-Switching.” I shared stories from my school and my journey with languages. And, as happens in the world of art and intellect, the gallery around us faded, and our conversation became the main exhibit.

Out of the blue, a young man with a hint of a Bronx accent approached. “I’m bilingual in English and French,” he shared proudly. My curiosity piqued, I asked him about his journey into the world of French. He painted a vivid picture: A young lad from the Bronx, after high school, with an insatiable passion for French, making frequent sojourns to Paris. He talked of mingling with local artists, of late-night discussions in dimly lit Parisian cafes, and of the River Seine witnessing his attempts at speaking French.

The moment felt right to delve deeper. “When you speak French, do you feel transformed? Does it alter your thought process?” I inquired, genuinely curious.

He paused, a gleam in his eye. “Absolutely! When I speak French, I don’t just speak it. I become French.”

As if to prove his point, he picked up his coat, bid adieu with a dramatic flair, and walked out with the confidence and elegance reminiscent of a true Parisian, leaving behind an air of mystique.

That evening wasn’t just about art; it was about the art within every bilingual soul. That boy from the Bronx, with his blend of English and French, was a masterpiece in himself, a testament to the power and allure of bilingualism. And as I left the gallery, my heart felt fuller, my perspective broader, and my appreciation for the art of code-switching deepened.

Don Hershman

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